Decorative plasterwork and sustainable building workshops

Explore our range of custom made courses in decorative plasterwork and natural building techniques. Available in Catalan, Spanish and English. Learn from theory as well as being hands on. You can also choose an on site training and consultancy.


Custom made training: In our courses , you will find a unique combination of theory and practice tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a professional looking to deepen your skills, a self builder eager to learn, an architect. Our programmes are designed to offer you the knowledge and the practical experience you need. We offer personalised training, ensuring that each course meets your goals and requirements.

On site expert consultation: In addition to theoretical tuition, we provide on-site support and consultancy. This service is designed to guide you through the practical challenges of construction and design, ensuring that you can apply what you learn effectively and efficiently to your own projects.

Multilingual and Accessible: We understand the importance of accessibility in education, which is why we offer our courses in Catalan, Spanish and English. This linguistic flexibility ensures that you can learn in the language in which you feel most comfortable, facilitating better understanding and more effective learning.

Upcoming courses: Keep updated. Although we currently have no courses scheduled at the moment, we are working to offer you high quality training in the future.Keep an eye on this section for dates, locations, titles, and detailed descriptions of our upcoming courses. We will also provide you with information about the ideal learner profile for each course, as well as prices.